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Trip to Thrilling Hill Station-Mussoorie

A Thrilling Hill Station-Mussoorrie

Thrilling Hill Station, Mussoorie lies in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan region (Dehradoon) of Uttarakhand. Mussoorie stands at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level.

As a result, this hill station commands a wonderful view of the extensive Himalayan snow ranges of Doon valley. Additionally, Mussoorie preserves its repute of being ‘Queen of Hill Stations‘ by conserving its magnificent natural beauty.

It has a cool, pleasant climate throughout the year. Mussoorie is a perfect getaway during the intense heat of the summer months. Undoubtedly, tourists flee here from the plain to get rid of hot waves during the summer months. 

Apart from this, in the winter months, snowfall blankets the lush green landscape in white.  That is to say, this hill station is Thrilling Hill Station. 

This beautiful hill station was the choicest holiday destination of colonials during the British era. That appears in the multitude of British legacies surrounding the city, such as the archaic architecture of the buildings and churches. 

Above all, make a thrilling hill station Mussoorie for the nature enthusiast. The LBSNAA, the IAS training academy, Mussoorie has been imparting training in various civil services officers since 1960.

What to visit in- delighting hill station, Mussoorie

There are so many tourist spots in and around the Mussoorie where travels spend their leisure time. Certainly, this hill station attracts tourists round the year. Tourists visit such spots with their friends and family.

Because of this, during visits tourists fully enjoy the activities of swimming, trekking, horse riding shopping, etc. Consequently, this thrilling hill station Mussoorie is the choicest spot for newlyweds.

Walking along Mall Road, Mussoorie

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Mussoorie is  Mall Road. It is a slightly steep road that has cafeterias and other shops lining along its entire stretch. Thus, it is a place that tourists explore by walking.

Mall Road of alluring hill station, Mussoorie

From the little houses spread around the area to the architecture of even the lamp posts, the Mall road gives off a distinct colonial vibe. In the same vein, there are shops along the road and in between, there are fountains and trees with wooden benches. Each shop offers unique wooden handicrafts, accessories, woolens, and much more.

Apart from this, at constant intervals, there are some small vendors who sell delicious snacks. The weather there is pleasant throughout the day. So, walking does not tire you.

How to reach Mall Road

The wide beautiful Mall road runs along with the entire place with a magnificent view of the valley.

Camel Back Road in Mussoorie

Camelback road provides a peaceful walk with a beautiful natural environment all around. It is 3 km long starting from the Library point to Kulri Bazaar. Visitors enjoy sunrise and sunset in this walk. The wonderful view of Doon valley makes this walk more mesmerizing. The road ends with a presence of rock of shape like a camelback. So, it is famous with the name camelback road.

How to reach Camel Back Road

This road lies at the center of Mussoorie city. So, one can easily reach this road by rickshaw or on foot.

Company Garden (Municipal Garden), Mussoorie

The Company Garden is a well-maintained Municipal Garden filled with several colorful flowers. A mini lake with a paddled boating facility and a small artificial waterfall adds to its beauty.

Company Garden in Delighting Hill Station, Mussoorie

It has an amusement park with ample space and adventurous rides, for kids’ play. Apart from these, there is a small market inside the park with a food court that offers a variety of foods and snacks. Besides all these, there is K Devbhumi Wax Museum is located at Company Garden. It has some famous lifelike wax figures of famous celebrities, National Leaders, and Historical figures.

How to reach Company Garden

It is at a distance of 3 km from Mussoorie City. So, one can easily reach by taxi or cycle rickshaw.

Lal Tibba, Overview thrilling hill station (Mussoorie)

It is the highest point at 2290 meters above sea level. As a result, Lal Tibba presents the most stunning viewpoints of Himalayan mountain peaks in the region.

 The name literally translates to ‘red hill’. Here tourists see the close look of the Nilkantha peak, Kedarnath peak, and Banderpoonch range by the telescope in the cloudless day. Apart from viewpoints, historical buildings of Colonial architecture such as the Kellogg’s church and St. Paul’s church are places of attraction. Besides, the pretty sunrises and sunsets from Lal Tibba is a delightful scenic point.  Above all, make the environment of Lal Tibba is quite relaxing.

How to reach Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is located on the top of Depot Hill in Landour, approximately 6 kilometers from Mussoorie. One can reach easily Lal Tibba by cab.

Bath, Swim in Kempty Fall- Mussoorie

It is a beautiful flow of water that falls to the ground from a mighty altitude of 40 feet. The Falls lays at an altitude of around 4500 ft above sea level. High mountain cliffs surround the fall.

So, Kempty Falls offers a mesmerizing panoramic view as the waterfalls from the mountains. Certainly, the pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes an excellent spot for swimming and bathing.  Apart from above, a flight of stairs leads to the pond where one can soak in the fun with friends and family. Additionally, there are some small-time shops situated all along the way of stairs. 

Above all, waterfalls, and lakes, make it quite famous among the tourists as a picnic spot. That is to say, Mussoorie is a delighting hill station.

How to reach Kempty Fall

Kempty fall lies on the way between Dehradun-Mussoorie roads 15 km from the Mussoorie. Tourists can access this by car, taxi, or bus from Mussoorie Library stand.

Gun Hill, in awesome hill station Mussoorie

Gun Hill is the second-highest point in the entire area of Mussoorie standing tall at an altitude of 2024 meters! It is 400 ft above mall Road. Undoubtedly, the scene from the top of this hill is a panoramic (sweeping round) view of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges.

 Besides it, the widespread Doon Valley and a full view of the hill station of Mussoorie. Because of this, Gun Hill is a popular attraction, especially amongst photographers and Himalayan viewers. The hill was named so because of the presence of a gun at these hills during the pre-independence days. The gun was fired during the day to enable people to adjust their watches during those days.

How to reach Gun Hill

Gun Hill is only 1.7 km from the Library Bus Stand, Cart Road, and Mall Road. Buses and taxis go there quite frequently. Since the distance is not that long and the surrounding is breathtaking.

So walking to the hill is a favorable choice for tourists. It is only a 20-minute trek. The climb is not very steep, so kids also complete it. However, it is not good for senior citizens.

Cloud's End, border of thrilling hill station Mussoorie

End Point of Thrilling Hill Station, Mussoorie

The Cloud’s End spots the geographical end of the fascinating hill town of Mussoorie. The thick woods of pine, cedar, birch, oak, and deodar surrounds it. There is one of the oldest building of Mussoorie represents the beautiful British architecture and possess colonial charm. It is now converted into a heritage hotel.

How to reach Cloud End-Mussoorie

It is 6 km from the Library. So, tourists can easily arrive there by Jeep or Taxi.

Shopping points in the alluring hill station, Mussoorie

Without shopping, all tour remains incomplete. In the same vein, Mussoorie also encourages shopping for its visitors by offering them various shopping centers. The main shopping areas in Mussoorie are:-

The Mall Road: Take A Stroll and Shop

Shopping in Mall Road, in thrilling hill station, Mussoorie

The Mall Road is the most popular center to shop in Mussoorie. There is a line-up of local shops that sell souvenirs, apparel, and home décor, etc. There is always hustle and bustle in this market. From hand-woven shawls, local handicrafts to wooden items, you will get everything here.

Tibetan Market: For Artifacts And Carpets

This is one of the biggest shopping places in Mussoorie.  Here you will get the sober artifacts, hand-woven carpets, inexpensive yet trendy clothes, and fashionable artificial ornament. The wide plethora of fascinating items is available here which attracts tourists. Make sure you bargain, before settling for any object.

Library Bazaar: Famed as The Gandhi Chowk

Library Bazaar at Thrilling Hill Station Mussoorie

Another place for street shopping in Mussoorie is the lively Library Bazaar. This local market is located around a vintage library, hence the name. The market has shops of wooden items, Chinese vases, knick-knacks, and electronic goods. There is a huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the marketplace, hence this market is also popularly known as Gandhi Chowk.

Kulri Bazaar: Shop For Silver Jewelry

Kulri Bazaar is one of the popular places to shop in Mussoorie. It is one of the buzzing regions of the hill station. Apparels, local handicrafts, stylish footwear, silver jewelry are available in this market. Apart from this, you will find here delightful cakes and confectionaries, cozy restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

Eateries in Mussoorie

In Mussoorie, you can’t move more than four strides without passing a restaurant or cafe. Mussoorie eateries will cater to you with a variety of culinary whether it is steamed momos, noodles, or freshly baked cake. The famous eating point in Mussoorie are:-


Eating point in awesome hill station, Mussoorie

This cafe is close to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. It has a good collection of books, coffee, and old-fashioned snacks.  Apart from these, they serve an assortment of sandwiches, cheese, and pancakes. During the visit, these delicious items enhance the enjoyment.

Landour Bakehouse

‘Landour Bakehouse’ stands near Sister Bazaar. It is famous for its classic art deco form. The interiors of this cafe represent a typical 19th-century baking kitchen. Apart from this, the menu of this bakehouse comprises of varieties of fresh bread,  cakes, parties, etc. Besides, in wholesome food, tandoor chikan, and paneer tikka are options. 

Here is a place to have your tea and coffee in traditional English-style artwork adorning the walls. Apart from these, hot chocolate is also available here.


Eating point in the thrilling hill station, Mussoorie

As the name suggests, Char Dukan is a row of four shops at Lal Tibba which is few kilometers ahead of the main Landour. It is only a few minutes from the St.Paul church and has the most beautiful view of Mussoorie. These four shops serve a very amazing refreshment to tourists. Certainly, here tourists enjoy the light evening snacks with a very picturesque view.

Apart from the above, there are so many other restaurants that enhance the enjoyment of traveling Mussoorie. There are a sufficient number of these eating points nearby all-seeing spots in Mussoorie.  In these restaurants and cafes, you will experience the colonial lifestyle and tradition. 

Other Tourist places nearby Mussoorie

Besides the above, there are so many other tourist destinations in and around Mussoorie. Some of them are Soham Heritage Art Centre, Jharipani Fall, Bhatta Fall, Char Dukan, Lake Mist, IKYA Island Adventure Park. 

Apart from these, there are also some sightseeing spots are around Mussoorie. Dhanaulti is one of the emerging hill -stations near Mussoorie. Certainly, it is a very beautiful hill station in Tehri Garhwal district. It is 24km away from Mussorie.  The lush green forests of cedar, snow-capped mountains,  all decorate a tranquil environment in Dhanaulti.  

Apart from these – Rajaji National Park and Benog Wildlife Sanctuary are also lying nearby. In addition, Tourists must visit Haridwar and Rishikesh in the trip of Mussoorie.  Above all turn this hill station as a ‘Thrilling Hill station Mussoorie.

Best Season to visit-Awesome Hill Station Mussoorie

The best season for visit this hill station is from March to June and from September to November. In both periods, the climate of Mussoorie is very pleasant.

March to June2210
September to November183
December to January14-2


From March to June, the average temperature ranges from 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. The weather is pleasant and the sky remains clear. Tourists should carry light woolens during this season also.

From September to November, the average temperature ranges from the same 8 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius.  Tourists must carry heavy woolens during this season.

Some tourists prefer to visit Mussoorie in winter for the enjoyment of snowfall. Snowfall starts here from mid of December and continues till February. Some of the hotels and resorts offer a special package for Christmas and the New Year celebration at Mussoorie  

Winter Snowfall in Thrilling Hill Station, Mussoorie

However, snowfall cause some problem in daily life like power failure, transportation cut off, etc. But despite these difficulties, there is a heavy gathering of tourists to Mussoorie during chilled winter also. During Christmas to New year holidays, there is a movement of a number of tourists in Mussoorie.

How to reach-Thrilling Hill station Mussoorie

There is very well communication between Mussoorie and Major cities of the country by Rail, Road, and Air.

By Air: The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which 60 km away from Mussoorie. Taxis are available from

By Rail: The nearest railway station for Mussoorie is Dehradun which 34 km away from Mussoorie. There are so many trains from major cities of the country to Dehradun. 

After arriving at Dehradun, the tourists get regular and frequent buses and taxis for Mussoorie from Dehradun Railway station.

By Road: There is a very well communication between major cities and Mussoorie via Dehradun by road. 

Where to stay at Mussoorie

There are a number of hotels in various classes, that are available in Mussoorie. You can book the hotels of your choice by– click here 

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