The City of Lakes, Palaces-Udaipur

The City of Lakes, Palaces-Udaipur

Udaipur is a stunning city of Rajasthan and has a scenic landscape. It is land around the blue water lakes and bordered with the green hills of the Aravalis. Apart from this, the castles reflect the architectural splendor during the period of Rajput. That is to say, the City of lakes, palaces – Udaipur is ‘Venice of the East.

Udaipur has a rich cultural background and a great history. The city carries the flavor of the epic past, symbolizing the courage and gallantry of its historical rulers. Udaipur city is a blend of sights, sounds with its display of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens.

Above all, attracts not only tourists but the film industry also for the shoot of Indian as well as foreign nationals films. If you see old Bollywood movies Like Guide (1965), Mera Saya ( 1966), you will find Udaipur City in this film.

What to see at - The City of Lakes, Palaces-Udaipur?

The Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Lake Pichola is an artificial lake in Udaipur City. This is one of the oldest and largest lakes of City Udaipur. The lush green hills, regal palaces, and bank’s stairs surround this lake. Tourists enjoy boating ride of Pichola lake during sunrise.

The best time of the day to visit the lake is during the evening as the view of the sunset is breathtaking.  During the evening, the sun’s golden rays falling on heritage buildings and water turns the entire surroundings dipped in gold. This enchanting view presents a distinguished world of beauty. There is also an Arsi Vilas Island which was built by one of the Maharajas of Udaipur to enjoy the sunset on the lake. It has also a sanctuary for different varieties of birds. 

Apart from these, The beautiful City Palace of Udaipur decorates the eastern banks while the Mohan Mandir sites in the north-east corner of the lake.

The Udaipur City’s icon Lake Palace entirely settles in the middle of Pichola lake. Besides these, there is the Jag Mandir on Jag Island of the lake. Above all, it makes the Udaipur a fabulous spot for honeymooners. 

How to reach Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is located in Udaipur City, Rajasthan. You can easily reach the lake by taking a tonga, autorickshaws, or taxis. Local buses can also be hired conveniently.

City Palace-Udaipur

The City Palace of Udaipur is the largest royal complex in Rajasthan.  Maharana Udai Singh built this magnificent palace and used it as his seat of power for administering the kingdom. Subsequently, the palace became more splendid as his successor added a number of constructions to it. 

The structure of the regal palace is a delicate combination of medieval, European, and Chinese architecture. The Palace now is a stunning assortment of courts, pavilions, corridors, terraces, halls, and hanging gardens. The numerous domes, arches, and towers decorate the palace. 

The granite and marble blend of the City Palace appears in contrast to its picturesque natural surroundings. Besides these, there is a museum that showcases the finest elements of Rajput arts and culture.

How to reach the City Palace

The City Palace is a popular tourist spot and is well connected by a network of unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws, tongas, and city bus service.

Fateh Sagar Lake-Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake is a glittering lake that is one of the major tourist spots in the city. Maharana Fateh Singh Constructed it.  It is the second-largest artificial lake in the city and is famous for its scenic beauty. That is to say,  it is a must-visit for anyone touring the city. 

The Fateh Sagar Lake spreads over an area of one square kilometer. Its fantastic beauty and quaint charms turn it into one of the most popular weekend destinations. Here’s sunset is especially picturesque and you must visit this destination to witness the same. 

Besides these, there are three distinct islands in the lake. The largest of these is called the Nehru Park and houses a boat-shaped restaurant and a small zoo for kids. The second island has a public park with water-jet fountains. The third island comprises of the best solar observing site in all of Asia, the Udaipur Solar Observatory. Above all,  make it the favorite destination for a weekend picnic.

Tourist Activities at Fateh Sagar

Tourists take a drive along the circumference of Fateh Sagar Lake on Moti Magri Road and get a fantastic view of the entire lake. Apart from this, boating and a number of other water sports are available here for tourists.

How to reach Fateh Sagar Lake?

Private and state-owned cabs will drop you at Fateh Sagar Lake from any part of the City. Tuk-tuks are also a popular mode of transport in Udaipur, which will ferry you to your destination at a very cheap cost. You can also hire a cab to drop you right at the threshold of the lake.

Vintage Car Museum- the City of Lakes, Palaces-Udaipur

The museum is a collection of a good many vintage automobile models belongs to rulers of the Mewar dynasty of Udaipur. Lord Montagu of Beaulieu the founder of the National Motor Museum of England, had inaugurated the museum, on February 15, 2000.

Among the most popular displays of the Museum are the 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom which was used in the famous James Bond movie Octopussy. Apart from this, and the Cadillac convertible that escorted Queen Elizabeth back to the airport in 1961. There are around 20 more antique pieces here. 

Some of them are four more Rolls Royces, one MG-TC Convertible, two Cadillacs, one Ford-A Convertible, one Vauxhall-12, and solar-powered rickshaws.

How to reach the Vintage Car Museum

It is just a few kilometers away from City Palace.

Jag Mandir Palace-Udaipur

Jag Mandir Palace (or ‘The Lake Garden Palace’), is a glorious palace that stands on the southern island of Lake Pichhola in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Maharana Jagat Singh built this in the 17th century. The palace is three-storied and the structure is made out of marble and yellow sandstone.

There are eight life-sized elephants carved out of pure white marble that seems to guard the palace.  Jag Mandir Palace also has gardens embellished with roses, jasmine flowers, palm trees, frangipani trees, and bougainvillea. The palace currently comprises of a restaurant called ‘Darikhana’ that serves lip-smacking Rajasthani food.

You can also check out the museum where the history of the palace has been preserved. Ferry rides from City Palace to Jagmandir are available.

Maharana Pratap Memorial, Udaipur

The history of India remained the witness of the bravery and gallantry of Maharana Pratap. He was one of the greatest warriors in the history of India. Maharana Pratap ruled over Udaipur for about 27 years. The Maharana’s horse, Chetak is famous for his sacrifice for Rana in the Battle of Haldighati. He is a much respected and celebrated figure in Rajasthan as well as in the rest of India.

The memorial is built to honor and tribute to the great king and his loyal companion, the famous horse Chetak. Hence a life-sized bronze figure-11-foot-high, of Maharana Pratap sits atop his favorite mount. There is a museum on the premises of the memorial. It has an enormous collection of paintings. These paintings are glimpse the rich history of Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh as well as few instances from the battle of Haldighati. 

Tourist Activities

Light and sound show at Maharana Memorial in the evening time.

How to go Maharana Pratap Memorial-Udaipur

It stands on the top of Moti Magri or Pearl Hill. It appears from kilometres away. This memorial is around 5 kilometres away from the Udaipur City Palace and 5.5 kilometres away from the Udaipur Railway Station.

Saheliyon Ki Bari-Udaipur

Saheliyon Ki Bari is a magnificent garden with pools and a fountain in the city of Udaipur. Maharana Sangram Singh had built this for his queen and her maidens. It has a beautiful landscape of lush green lawns, walking lanes under the canopy, marble pavilion, and fascinating fountains. 

Saheliyon Ki Bari - the city of lakes, palaces

The garden has several fountains in four water pools along with carved huts and the elephants of marble. The main lake in the garden has one white marble hut in the center. Apart from this, there are four black marble huts in all four corners. On top of these huts, there are several sculpted birds sit and spray out water from their beaks. This produces the effect of rain. 

The bunch of bougainvilleas in the shady lawns also add to the exotic beauty of the garden. Besides this, the garden has a museum also showcasing the vast collection of regal households. 

Things to do at Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon ki Bari is a perfect destination for photography enthusiasts. Tourists should visit the garden in the early morning to prevent the harsh heatwave.

How To Reach Saheliyon Ki Bari

It is nearby the city Palace of Udaipur. One can easily access Saheliyon ki bari from any part of Udaipur City. Public transport is also a way to reach Bari. Tourists can heir local buses, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws or rent taxis/cabs.

Sajjangarh Palace, Udaipur

Sajjangarh Palace is a former royal residence of the Mewar dynasty. The palatial complex got its name after its patron, Maharana Sajjan Singh.

He ordered its construction and had it founded in 1884. He originally intended to build an astronomical observatory to note and assess the arrival and patterns of the monsoon.

For this reason, it has also earned the name Monsoon Palace. But, due to the premature death of Maharana Sajjan Singh, that did not turn into a reality.

His successor Maharana Fateh Singh transformed it into a place of recreation.

Sajjangarh Palace displays fascinating Rajput architecture, complete with high towers, turrets, balconies, and pillars. It even had the facilities to harvest rainwater in unique scientific techniques. From the top balconies of the Monsoon Palace, tourists get a splendid view of the entire city of Udaipur.

 All its lakes, palaces, and forts, as well as the ancestral home of the Mewars, Chittorgarh are viewable from the top of this palace.

Tourist Activities

One can also have a direct view of the entire stretch of Fateh Sagar Lake.  If you visit the Monsoon Palace anytime during the afternoon, make sure to wait and witness the sunset, which looks stunning from the vast balconies of the heritage building.

How to reach Sajjangarh Palace

It lies on the outskirts of the city of Udaipur, perched on the hilltops of Aravalli hill. From the foot of the hill, there are minivans, auto-rickshaws, and taxis that will take you up the winding road to the Monsoon Palace.

Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

Eklingji Temple is one of the most popular temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, of Rajasthan. Its splendid architecture drives several tourists here every year.

This double-storied temple looks magnificent with its pyramidal style of roof and uniquely carved tower. The outer walls of the temple are stretched with steps that lower touching the serene waters.

On entering its hall, there is a beautiful silver image of Nandi. Apart from this, inside the temple, there are two other images of Nandi carved in black stone and brass respectively. It is known for a striking four-faced idol of Eklingji (Lord Shiva) that is made out of black marble. Its height ranges around 50 feet and its four faces depict four forms of Lord Shiva. The Shivlinga garlanded by a silver snake is a major tourist attraction. This temple is filled with an enthralling fragrance.

How to reach the Eklingji Temple?

It stands at a distance of 22 km to the north of Udaipur.

Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

Jaisamand Lake is the second-largest artificial lake in the country. It spans across an area of about 100 sq. km. Maharaja Jai Singh built this lake in 1685, while he was building a dam across the Gomti river. This lake spreads up to an area of 93 sq. km. It has three different islands.

 On its marble dam, there are six exotic cenotaphs carved from marble on the lake’s embankments and a temple dedicated to Shiva at the center. Apart from this, there is a stunning palace with a courtyard, at the northern shore of the lake. Besides these, there is a pavilion of 12 pillars at the southern end of the lake. The elegant marble stairs descending to the water, at banks make the grace of the lakes. Above all presents the dazzling view of Jaisamand Lake.

Tourist Activities

There are two most important activities to do at Jaisamand Lake are taking a boat ride and visiting the Jaisamand Wildlife sanctuary. Both, boating in the lake and visiting the wildlife sanctuary are chargeable.

  •  Boating is the best way to explore the Jaysmand lake. Encircled by hills, wildlife sanctuary and with a number of summer palaces along the shore, the lake offers an exquisite’s view to tourists. Jaysamand lake tends to reveal a new episode of Udaipur.
  • Jaisamand Wildlife sanctuary spreads over the area of 62 sq km. It is a natural habitat for various residents and migratory birds and animals. The animals of this sanctuary are panthers’, leopards, deer, four-horned antelope, etc.,

The Locals know it by the name of Dhebar Lake as well.

How to reach Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

It is at a distance of 50 km from the central city of Udaipur and takes around an hour to reach. Hence, tourists hire local buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, any part of the town to reach Jaisamand Lake. Moreover, regular buses operate from the district headquarters of Udaipur to Jaisamand. It is 21 km from Udaipur Airport. 

Best Time to visit- City of Lakes, Palaces-Udaipur

How to reach ?- The city of Lakes, Palaces- Udaipur

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