Tour to Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, Churu, Rajasthan

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary-Churu, Rajasthan

Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is located in the Churu district of Northwestern Rajasthan, on the fringe of the Great Indian desert. The sanctuary lies on the road from Ratangarh to Sujangarh, 82 km from Churu, 130 km from Bikaner. It lies on Sujangarh Tehsil of Churu District. The sanctuary got its status in 1966. 

Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary, Churu, Rajasthan

Though small in size, this sanctuary boasts of rich biodiversity. As a result, the sanctuary is an ideal site for nature lovers and bird watchers. Tal Chhapar is a refuge of blackbuck deers. Besides it, it is the home of a variety of birds both resident and migratory. It covers the area of 7 square km. 

The tour to Tal Chhapar Sanctuary became more popular after some Bollywood stars faced legal actions for the killing of the Blackbuck deers at this sanctuary. Tourists want to visit this sanctuary.

Major Attraction-Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

The main attraction of Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is here’s the Blackbuck Deers. The Blackbuck Deers appears so attractive due to its beautiful horns. 

Tal Chhapar wildlife sanctuary is the sole place having a good population of Blackbuck deers in such a small area. The sanctuary is home to nearly 1680 Blackbucks deers. So, 500-700 animals walk in a single herd. These blackbuck deers’ horns are so attractive that people want to collect it. 

However, the Government has imposed the ban on the killing of wild animals under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.  But, people illegally hunt these deers. Some of the Bollywood stars also did such act. Consequently, they face legal action (imprisonment) against them. 

Resident and Migratory Birds- Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

Besides the Blackbucks, the sanctuary serves natural habitat for various resident and migratory birds. Certainly, bird watchers visit this sanctuary in the winter months when migratory birds arrive at Tal Chhapar Sanctuary.

It lies on the passageway of many migratory birds such as various species of Harriers, Eagles, Demoiselle Cranes, etc. These migratory birds are from countries as Siberia, Magnolia, Tajikistan, Central Asia. They start to migrate in the month of September and stay till March. Some of the birds’ Skylarks, Crested Larks, Ring Doves, and Brown Doves are resident birds of the sanctuary. 

Above all, make this Tal Chhapar wildlife sanctuary one of the bird-watching destinations. 

Tourist Activities

As being on the pathway of migratory birds, if you plan your trip to this place aptly. So, you will enjoy your visit along with the company of birds.

Tal Chhapar wildlife sanctuary comes alive with the chirping of various colorful migratory birds. Consequently, Tal Chhapar Sanctuary has become one of the must-visit destinations for bird lovers.

They visit the sanctuary in the winter in large numbers. Besides birds, you can spot several animals, such as jungle cat, desert cat, chinkara and blackbuck.

There are only long grasses with few trees in the sanctuary area.  So, the entire scenery inside the sanctuary overwhelms tourists for sure. 

Best time to visit-Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

The best time to plan a trip to this sanctuary is from November to February. The temperature drops to as low as 5 degrees Celsius from November to February. From mid-December to mid-January, the fog clears only post 9 am and sets back around 4 pm.

How to reach?

Tal Chappar Sanctuary is at a distance of around 350 km from Delhi and 200 km from Jaipur.

By Road: It is located in the Nokha-Sujangarh state highway and about 85 km from Churu. Tourists can take the bus or can hire a taxi to reach the Tal Chappar Sanctuary.

By Air: Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport to Tal Chappar Sanctuary about 215 km away.

By Rail: Chappar is the nearest railway station to Tal Chappar Sanctuary and is located in the Degana-Churu-Rewari line.

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Where to stay?

The Forest Department has a guesthouse just outside the park. Besides, there are some hotels in the nearest town. The nearest town is Sujangarh, which has a few hotels.

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