Visit Hill Stations of India nearby wildlife park

Best hill stations of India

The hill stations are higher-altitude towns than the nearby plain or valley where temperatures are cooler. Likewise, in India, mountain regions offer the hill stations of India.

In India, the mountain region spread across almost all parts of the country. For instance, the Himalayan region extends from Jammu and Kashmir (in the north) to Sikkim, West Bengal (in the east).

Similarly, in western ghat, the Sahayadri mountain range extends from Maharashtra to Kerala (in the south). Certainly, a number of hill stations fall under these regions which are the most popular among tourists.    

Indian Hill Station

Thus, in the Indian context, most hill stations are at an altitude of approximately 1,000 to 2,500 meters (3,300 to 8,200 ft); very few are outside this range. In India, the European colonialists founded such locations as shelters to escape from the blistering summer heat and dust of plains. The old buildings and churches are remnant of the colonial lifestyle. 

These hill stations represent a small city life on lush green mountains. Apart from this, some of the hill stations cover waterfalls and lakes on respective mountains.

Certainly, these landscapes of hill stations are too relaxing for the human mind. Besides, the climate of the hill station is very good for health.

That is to say,  these hill stations are the most popular tourist destination for the family outing. 

Hill Stations of India nearby wildlife refuges

The hill stations of India expanse around the lush green forest area of the mountains. Some of these forest areas got the status of Indian National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India.

Thus, there are so many wildlife destinations in India that touch the hilly terrain.  As a result, there are some National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries that are adjoining the most popular hill station areas.

Besides these, some of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are on very high altitudes, on hilly areas.  So, tourists plan their trip to the hills’ nearby wildlife site to enjoy both hill stations as well as nature refuges.

On such a trip they fully observe the all diverse form of nature. As a result, tourists enjoy more of both similar but distinct and wonderful destinations.

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