Gateway to Chardham Travel, Haridwar

Gateway to Chardham Travel – Haridwar

Gateway to Chardham Travel-Haridwar

The gateway to Chardham Travel- Haridwar lies in the foothills of the Shivalik range in Garhwal Himalayas. This city is the entry point of the Himalayan pilgrim center  Chardham (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath).

That is to say, this city is the gateway to Chardham travel. Haridwar is spread over 12.3 sq km. 

It is the city where the holy Ganges river, emerges and after flowing 250 km through mountains, enters in plains here.  So, lush green forests, crystal clear water of river Ganges and background of mountains create the charming beauty of this holy city. Apart from these, Haridwar fascinates people from all over the world by its temples, Ganges ghats, Kumbh Mela, and handicrafts.

Besides, there are several spiritual destinations in Haridwar which give relief and mental peace to the visitors. Above all make, Haridwar is not only a pilgrimage center but one of the interesting tourist centers also of Uttarakhand. 

What to see at Gateway of Chardham Travel-Haridwar?

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The gurgling of the river Ganges, innumerable temples, groups of monks in saffron clothes, enchanting sounds of Vedic hymns – all are scenic spots in this holy city. Particularly, Haridwar tourism plays a significant role to attract tourists among the whole world along with pilgrims.

As a result, foreigners always attracted to Haridwar because here they can closely experience India’s culture, various Hindu rituals, and the ancient civilization.

Scared Ghat, Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar

‘Har Ki Pauri’ is a major landmark of the holy city Haridwar. King Vikramaditya constructed this sacred ghat in memory of his brother Bhatrihari. Many Hindu visitors perform here their religious rituals and ceremonies.  

Apart from this, Har Ki Pauri is the area where festivities commences during Kumbh Mela which takes place every 12 years. A similar scene appears during Ardh Kumbh which takes place every 6 years. Thousands of pilgrims flock here from all over the world during these events.

Besides these, devotees converge to Har Ki Pauri on the occasion of every year Kartik Purnima and Vaishakhi.

What to do at 'Har Ki Pauri' ?

Ganga Aarti: – Each evening at sunset priests perform Ganga Arti here when lights are set on the water to go with the flow.

Devotees float earthen diyas, with burning flickers and flowers in them as a symbol of hope and wishes.  Thus, golden hues of floral diyas reflected in the river Ganges present the most enchanting view. This is the most stunning and soul-touching scene. A large number of pilgrims gather on both the banks of the river Ganges to sing its praises.

How to reach 'Har Ki Pauri'?

The ghat is on the west bank of the Ganges canal through which the Ganges is diverted just to the north.

Bharatmata Mandir (Temple)

Bharat Mata Mandir, ( Mother India Temple), is one of the most visited temples in Haridwar. The temple is dedicated to Bharat Mata by her devoted patriotic nationals. Swami Satyamitranand Giri had founded Bharat Mata Mandir. Late Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi inaugurated this temple in 1983.

It lies adjacent to the ashram and stands eight stories tall to the height of 180 feet. Each floor has devoted to a particular theme. Apart from this, Bharat Mata Temple is unique, has an attractive and huge map of Mother India on the ground denoting the statue of the mother of India. Besides, the statue has an inimitable design that indicates the Goddess of India for all the religious deities, freedom fighters, and leaders.

That is to say, the temple is a kind of admiration for all those who take part in the formation of India. It was built before the partition of India.

How to reach Bharat Mata Mandir?

Its only 05 km far from Haridwar, 22kms from Rishikesh, Auto (Tuk -Tuk) are also available for the Temple.

Chandi Devi Mandir, Haridwar

Chandi Devi is one of the most famous temples in India. This place is of great religious importance as one of the Shakti peethas of North India. Apart from this, the temple is also famous as Siddh peetha, as devotees believe that it has powers to fulfill the wishes.

This temple stands atop the Neel Parvat on the Eastern summit of the Sivalik Hills, the southernmost mountain chain of the Himalayas. Here’s the Navaratri festival celebration is famous here.

How to reach the Chandi Devi Temple?

There are two ways for reaching Chandi Devi Temple, one by foot and the other by cable car. It is a wonderful experience to trek up to the temple. Tourists enjoy the steep climb and reach the temple in 45 minutes. 

On the other hand, visitors using the ropeway, reach the temple 5-10 minutes. It is only 06 km from Haridwar. This way is also very thrilling for visitors. Certainly, this ropeway cable car represents the full view of the forest on the mountain and river Ganga of Haridwar city. As a result, visitors catch this sight in their camera from inside the cable car.

Mansa Devi Temple, Haridwar

Mansa Devi Temple is a Hindu Temple that stands atop of the Bilwa Parvat on the Shivalik Hills, the southernmost mountain chain of the Himalayas. The term Manasa means wish and devotees believe that the goddess fulfills all their wishes 

Devotees who want to get their wishes to fulfill, tie threads to the branches of a tree located in the temple. Once their wishes are fulfilled, people come back again to the temple to untie the thread from the tree. Certainly, Devotees offer coconuts, fruits, garlands, and incense sticks in order to appease Mansa Devi.

How to reach Manasa Devi Temple?

There are two ways for going to the temple: one by walking other by cable car. Walking requires a one and a half kilometer trek uphill.

The cable car passes through the lush green forest on hills with a colorful bougainvillea garden. Apart from this, tourists enjoy the Haridwar city view from high altitudes. The travel by cable car is of very short duration (5-10 minutes). But, it offers a very beautiful landscape of Haridwar city.  So, most tourists prefer ropeway (cable car) to walk up and down the hill.

Additionally, tourists use rickshaws and auto to go to the temple. This travels along the road which is around the mountain. 

Kankhal-the ancient colony at Haridwar

Kankhal is a small ancient township and one of the Panch Teerth in the sacred city of Haridwar.  This is region is famous for the Daksheshwara Mahadev Temple and the sacred Sati Kund.

Apart from this, it is inland to several temples and ashrams. Ancient mythological scripture Mahabharat depicts this place. As a result, mainly pilgrims to Hardwar visit Kankhal at least one time. A comparatively calm location, for a lot of years Kankhal was a much superior municipality than Haridwar.

Because of its historical significance, a lot of rich Hindus built homes in the early 19th century. Thus, it’s a lesser city now, less busy, and full of ashrams and religious centers.

Where and what to shop in Haridwar?

Moti Bazar, Haridwar

Moti Bazar- The market lies on the Upper Road towards the north of the canal. Here you will find CARVED STONE IDOLS,  METAL UTENSILS, COLOURFUL GLASS BANGLES, TOYS, KEN BASKET, and POOJA ITEMS.

Government Handlooms and Handicrafts Emporium

This is a government-run shop and does not bargain, charge fixed and reasonable prices.

Certainly, this shop has authentic handicraft items and  At these shops, you will find a wide variety of RELIGIOUS as well as STONE and WOODEN HANDICRAFTS. As a result, tourists buy here some decorative pieces, jewelry, etc. You will find such shops in the Moti Bazar area and other locations also.

Bara Bazar, Har Ki Pauri Road, Haridwar

This is a huge and crowded market in peak tourist and pilgrim season at Har ki Pauri Road, Haridwar.

Here you will find items of UTTARAKHAND (HARIDWAR), KASHMIR, and HIMACHAL PRADESH in one place. Certainly, the products you can buy from this market are WOOLENS FABRICS, HANDICRAFTS ITEMS, POOJA ITEMS, ORNAMENTAL ITEMS, and HANDLOOM PRODUCTS. Apart from these, many stores sell traditional wear accessories for men and women. 

 Travel Tips – Since it is a crowded place, as a result, pickpockets are very active. So, be alert in this market. You must bargain the price here. 

Tibetan Shopping Centre, Haridwar

This market is at the Bhalla road area, Haridwar. Here you will get the original sheep wool and that to hand-knitted. Apart from this, the other woolen products you can buy are WOOLE BLANKETS, SCARVES, SHAWLS, and MUFFLERS.

Besides, there are many Tibetan souvenir shops available here to buy traditional fashion accessories for kids, men, and women. You must bargain and come down on price. 

Jwalapur Market, Haridwar

  • Jwalapur Market-  It is also a wonderful option for souvenir shopping of Haridwar. Apart from gifts, this market has many eating points. So, here you will find here from FRUITS to PURE VEG RESTAURANT  and CONFECTIONERIES, etc. 

What are the other tourist centers around Haridwar?

There are so many popular tourist spots like Hill stations, Wildlife Destinations nearby Haridwar.

Rishikesh is just 24 km away from Haridwar City. Hill Station Mussoorie is just a few km away from Haridwar. Similarly, under the wildlife category, Rajaji National Park is very close to Haridwar.

What is the best season to visit Haridwar

Tourists visit Haridwar round the year. But the best time to visit Haridwar is from October to February. Visitors attend religious festivals like ‘Kartik Poornima’, etc, during this period. 

The temperature (in degree Celsius) of Haridwar

Season Maximum Minimum
Winter 22 2
Summer 42 30

The minimum temperature of Haridwar City falls to 2-degree Celsius during the winter months (November to February ).  So, travelers must carry winter wears during their winter visit to Haridwar.  But during the summer months, the temperature rises to 42 degrees Celsius. So, Light cotton wear is enough during the summer months (March to October ).

Visitors visit throughout the year Haridwar for performing various religious rituals and take part in different ceremonies.

How to reach Gateway of Chardham- Haridwar?

There are direct connections between Haridwar and major cities of India via rail and road. The nearest airport is ‘Jolly Grant’ at Dehradoon 45 km away from Haridwar. 

By Rail: Haridwar Junction falls in the northern railway division. So, there are so many trains stop here from various stations like New Delhi, Luckow, etc. For inquiry of all trains from your city– click here 

By Road: There is a direct connection between Haridwar and major cities of India. National Highway 34 crosses through Haridwar.

Where to stay at Hardwar?

There are so many hotels in Haridwar of various ranges. Tourists can choose the hotel of their choice by– click here

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