About Us-A guide for Indian wildlife tour

‘Parks and Sanctuaries’ is a tourist guide website for the sightseer who ventures out to Indian Wildlife Tour. Indeed, it is an activity for making mindfulness about wildlife reserves tourism in India among voyagers. In the ongoing years, it has been evaluated that there is a developing trend towards travel to a destination like National Parks and Wildlife refuges. Apart from these, there are other tourist centers like hill stations, historical places, etc also adjoining these wildlife refuges.  This website gives detail information about such hills, monuments, nearby wildlife parks, also.   Our objective is to present the complete information that will help travelers intending to visit such destinations in India. We likewise give information on the lesser-known territories that make an extraordinary excursion spot for visitors. Besides the above, we keep updated by publishing the latest Govt. Policies, related to the travel and tourism industry. 

Our Belief:

We have given articles on the prerequisites that tourists should comply with when they go to Indian wildlife tourism. This will make excursion arranging a lot of simpler, at  National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India.

In India, there are more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries, more than 100 National Parks and more than 50 Bird Sanctuaries. So, one will require a measure of time to explore a solitary district. Having learned of every one of the areas will enable us to pick which region will be the most fulfillment from any time. We accept that furnishing potential tourists with a visit guide will make the planning of their itinerary far simpler.

Our Mission

We acknowledge the development of India’s inbound travel industry by giving fascinating information on the distinctive nature reserves of India. Therefore, We are focused on bringing all the most recent news and information with respect to wildlife tourism in India. We commit ourselves to provide to tourists with information that has been simplified for easiness of understanding.

Making a trip to Indian wildlife will be showing the various cultures of societies. As a result, it will make aware of tourists about World diversity. Consequently, India will maintain its internal integrity among its citizens as well as a universal brotherhood among the World. Since  India pushes towards an increasingly respective association with the remainder of the world. So, we are sure that India will one day ascend to one of the best wildlife tourism centers in the world.

Our Vision

‘Parks and Sanctuaries’ is anticipating environmental travel in India. It will make conscious to all human beings for protecting our earth. Today, climate change due to global warming is great challenge for earth. The human being itself responsible for this by making a drastic change in nature such as deforestation etc.  So, by traveling such ecological spots, we encourage all visitors for protecting our environment by least disturb nature as much as possible.

The Future:

There is a myriad of cultures in the world. We ought to be eager to become familiar with one another’s way of life and customs. To get to this point, the countries of the world should concentrate on building up their travel industry divisions. Through associating with each other, we will probably cultivate harmony among each other. Together we can fabricate a reality where everybody is dealt with similarly, independent of their race or culture.