Explore Best Nature Trips in India

Experience the land of magical wonders

There is a great scope to explore the best nature trips in India in its various National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Because there are vast tracts of forests with water bodies in the varied topography of India. As a result, these  Indian wildlife Sites serve as the habitat of diverse flora and fauna. This diverse flora and fauna present a balanced ecosystem to our earth. Above all, it makes our country an Incredible India!

Bird Sanctuaries- Nature tours to India

Particularly, India has a vibrant ecosystem with appropriate habitats in its forests for many types of birds. As a result, India is home to many exotic species of birds, local as well as migrant birds. Therefore, the best places to sight these amazing creatures are the various Bird Sanctuaries situated across the country. Generally, there are natural or man-made water bodies like lakes and rivers along with thick forests in these bird sanctuaries. 

Tour to Indian National Parks-Indian Wildlife Destinations

Certainly, the National parks of India offer varied scenes in different climatic conditions. Hence, these Parks extend themselves to all tourist locations of India. Either it is hill stations or sea beaches or historical places, National parks spread in all corners of the country. Surely, these National Parks mesmerize visitors. As a result, the National Parks of India entrance the tourist whose interest in wildlife travel activities like wildlife safari, river rafting, etc.   

Travel around Indian wildlife spots- Wildlife Sanctuary

While India has plenty of wildlife sanctuaries scattered all across the country. Truly, these sanctuaries offer a spectacular treat to the visitors with their beautiful landscapes and diversity of flora and fauna. As a result, wildlife enthusiasts find the best opportunities for a safari tour, sightseeing, bird-watching, fishing, camping at these sanctuaries.  These Wildlife Sanctuaries are an interesting spot for the ornithologists, wildlife photographers, researchers also.

Historical places around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

There are some famous monuments around some of the National parks in India. These are also the popular tourist spots of India.

Hill Stations adjoining to National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

There are some very popular hill stations near to National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries. So, tourists usually prefer such hill stations also.

Fair-Festival destinations near to National Parks Wildlife refuges

Some of the places in India are famous for the traditional fairs and celebration of the festivals. Tourists planning to visit such a venue.